About Mommy’s Board

Some of the best days with my little baby girl are when we get our butts out of the house and meet other mommies and their babies. After a year of being a new mom trying to pack in as much fun as possible while staying within budget, I’ve realized that we need an easier way to find our next awesome affordable adventure. I was tired of checking multiple websites, eavesdropping on other mommies, and finding out that I’d been missing out on a cheap and fun experience for months. So Mommy’s Board was born: a place that lists all the awesome, fun and often free activities San Francisco has to offer for babies and toddlers. The next time you’re at home trying to make sure baby doesn’t catch on to the fact that mommy’s bored (we all have those moments, right?), check out our Events page and discover a new activity.

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Do you have comments, questions, or know of a great event that’s not listed? I’d love to hear from you!